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Cold storages are meant to preserve the perishable food commodities available in very inhospitable environments, for extended period with a thought to retain the original their shape, color, flavor and taste. Here at SAKSHI COLD STORE with a state of the art structure & technology, merged research not only to store the items, but to keep them FRESH as long as feasible.

              With the introduction & applications of modern ago-techniques, the productions of all the vegetables & fruits have risen beyond expectations; but sadly handled inadequately. Most of the produce goes under-utilized/ un-utilized and sadly goes waste in the inhospitable climate conditions and tantamount to colossal drain in terms of labor, employment and money circulation besides leaving in-numerable populace deprived of their basic fruits & vegetable needs & garbage disposal problems.

        Our thoughtful Patron, Mrs Geeta Gupta, ever in pursuit of societal benefits, translated this idea as a humble contribution & service to the Amritsar & surrounding areas by bridging the gap between the producers & end users; apart from generating gainful employment opportunity to many.

Salient Features:

  • Total capacity 5200 MT with 6 Chambers spread over 5 Floors.
  • Ante Room at each floor for Pre-Cooling
  • 14000Sq ft of Covered shed for sorting and per-drying of material.
  • MAZININE structure of RCC beams and pillars insted of conventional bricks.
  • Latest in house movement system of transferring material.


Our Pioneer R & D efforts to : RRR

Being located in the heart of the industrial area and just next to the main fruit and vegetable wholesale market , it becomes easy for the storage and transportation of fresh fruits , vegetabels and other perishable item.

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